She made her living selling words. . . . Her prices were fair. For five centavos she delivered verses from memory, for seven she improved the quality of dreams, for nine she wrote love letters, for twelve she invented insults for irreconcilable enemies. She also sold stories, not fantasies but long, true stories she recited at one telling, never skipping a word. . . . It seemed to her that selling words would be an honorable alternative. From that moment on, she worked at that profession, and was never tempted by any other.

— Isabel Allende, The Stories of Eva Luna, 1991

Rosemary Carstens WriterROSEMARY CARSTENS

has provided high-quality online and print communications services in the United States and internationally for almost two decades. From articles to books, marketing copy to ghostwriting, research and editing, every assignment gets her full professional attention. Each section below leads to an area of expertise and samples of her work. Topics of special interest are art, books, food, film, adventure travel and general lifestyle subjects. She takes a team approach to writing projects and often says to clients, “YOUR success is MY success!”


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