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Book reviews - Rosemary CarstensI love books!

Every year I read dozens and dozens of books–nonfiction and fiction. Each quarter I publish a post about my favorites. Here’s the LATEST. I hope you find something special to enjoy–


Here are some books I’ve either written or contributed to:

Annette Nancarrow - Books Rosemary Carstens booksAnnette Nancarrow: Between Two Worlds (2014)

Complementing an exhibit of the artist’s work at the Taubman Museum in Roanoke, VA, this exquisitely rendered book, illustrated with 46 works of art by Annette Nancarrow, portrays the life of a supremely talented American artist who lived and worked in Mexico City during Mexico’s Golden Age of art.

From the publisher: As Rosemary Carstens notes in her evocative and insightful foreword to this gorgeous book honoring the unique talents of artist, Annette Nancarrow, “Throughout history, the spotlight of celebrity and recognition has often shown most brightly on male artists. It has not been unusual for talented, creative women to reside at the edge of that bright light, slipping neither into the light nor into obscurity, often longing for the bold, colorful flush of belonging, the respect and acceptance their work deserved. Annette Nancarrow certain lived in interesting times, collaborating and socializing with such notables as Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera, José Clemente Orozco, and many others.” To purchase, click: Annette Nancarrow: Between Two Worlds

A discussion about the retrospective on Nancarrow’s art and life


Chimayo - Books Rosemary CarstensCHIMAYÓ: Lourdes of America (2013)

Introduction by Rosemary Carstens, Photographs by Hélène Casanova, Photo Editing and Book Design by Paula Gillen.

When English professor and award-winning photographer Hélène Casanova visited the historic sanctuary and chapel at Chimayó, New Mexico, during Easter Week, she chanced upon an unexpected and deeply affecting congruence of hope and humble spirituality. This collection of photographs shares her journey and personal pilgrimage. To purchase, contact


Books Rosemary CarstensDream Rider: Roadmap to an Adventurous Life (2003)

What are your daydreams? Queen of an alternative universe? Leaping tall buildings in a single bound? Racheting up the volume as lead guitarist for The Stones? Late in midlife Rosemary Carstens fell in love–with a motorcycle named Sinbad. Ride with her as she discovers the joys of pursuing dreams with passion and commitment throughout every stage of life. This is a journey of self-discovery and transformation, a reaffirmation that it is never too late to toss aside cultural expectations and travel toward a new destination. This is a book for those who long for adventure, for those who are willing to take the steps to move from longing to living in spite of fears or disapproval. It will inspire you to achieve your own dreams, to reach for an unorthodox goal, to fully engage every decade of your life! To purchase, click: Dream Rider: Roadmap to an Adventurous Life


Books Rosemary CarstensSustaining Thought: Thirty Years of Cookery at the School of American Research (2007)

Text by Rosemary Carstens, Recipes by Chef Leslie Shipman

Around the calendar, researchers and visitors to the School of American Research have enjoyed the pleasures of Chef Leslie Shipman’s cookery. Collaborating with Rosemary Carstens to create Santa Fe’s unique ambiance through all the seasons, the two present a blend of food and place that invite and inspire. To purchase, click: Sustaining Thought: Thirty Years of Cookery at the School for Advanced Research

Read an excerpt.