Business Consultations

The Business of Being Creative

Rosemary CarstensOne of the biggest challenges for writers and artists is making sense of the business side of things. Creative people are often happiest in their studios or at their desks, doing the work they love. But to build recognition and to sell what you create, to make a living, requires getting out there and interacting with an audience, with readers, collectors, gallerists, and your community. If no one knows the magic that flows from your fingertips, then the rewards may remain small.

In addition to my fifteen years as an arts writer and editor, I have two decades accruing business and marketing acumen. I am constantly updating, networking with those active in the marketplace, and experimenting with new ideas and refining older ones. It’s a pleasure to share them with my clients.

Artists: Whether you want advice on how to interact with collectors at an exhibition of your art, how to approach a gallery about representing you, how to interact on social media or build other avenues for recognition, I’m happy to brainstorm ideas with you.

Writers: Whether you want to talk about setting up speaking gigs, blogging, article submissions, approaching editors and agents, or simply use me for a sounding board on how to resolve a block in your manuscript, I can help you clarify what to do next.

Whatever your industry-related concerns, it all starts with a phone call.


Book a telephone consultation indicating what topic you’d like to discuss. The cost is $49. I’ll be in touch by email to confirm receipt and to schedule our call. If you have questions, please use my contact form.


Rosemary is a terrific resource for so many things and a real pleasure to work with. I sought her help in learning the intricacies of social media and tapping into it as a professional resource. She had excellent insight and suggestions, and I know I will be calling on her again for more of the same.

— Scott Fraser, artist, Longmont, Colorado –