College Essays

Making your college essay personal . . .

Rosemary Carstens - Writer & CoachThe essay you write for your college application is becoming more important than ever. Most applicants have good grades, community involvement, and have spent years checking off all the boxes that have become standard to be selected by your university of choice. Now that is changing–those things are still important but those who make the decisions want to know more about who you are and whether or not you’ll be a positive addition to the student body. Your college essay must be more personal, less formulated; it must be a well-written presentation of your individuality.

I don’t write your essay for you. I interview you, help you develop a strategy and set some goals for your essay. We’ll talk about how you want to present yourself and how you can back that up. I then make suggestions for your first rough draft, which I will review and take care of any necessary editing for grammar, spelling, typos and so on. I’ll point out where you need to dig deeper, where your essay may be weak and where it really shines. You will do a rewrite for a second review. All that is included in the basic $250 fee. If you feel you still haven’t nailed it, we can always discuss going beyond the basics. This workshop program is great training for the many papers you’ll have to write during your college years!

Once I receive your payment, I will send you an email to confirm and to schedule your telephone interview. If you have questions, please use my contact form.