Coaching for Fiction Writers

Putting the Shine on Storytelling

Rosemary CarstensThese days there are a lot of similarities between crafting outstanding fiction and nonfiction. Each requires skilled use of pace, chapter transitions, active voice, and the ability to engage readers. Beyond these essentials, fiction writing must include compelling characters, a story arc that carries your reader through scenes and sequels to the very end, and, most important, an above-average mastery of language. Working with a fiction writing coach on any of these factors can help you identify trouble spots and move your manuscript up to a more highly polished finish.

NOTE: It is also recommended that you sign up for my Website and Internet Evaluation and for my Marketing Plans workshop before you begin contacting agents and editors about your book. Having these elements already in place will go a long way toward making a strong first impression.

Book an introductory telephone consultation. The cost is $49 and includes:

  • A discussion about your book, your experience level, your platform, and your goals.
  • A review and evaluation of up to 10 manuscript pages.
  • A discussion of other elements to have prepared in advance of manuscript submission to editors and agents.
  • Setting a monthly budget and working schedule.

Once I receive your consultation payment, I will send you an email to confirm and to schedule our call. If you have questions, please use my contact form.