Coaching for Nonfiction Writers

From Start to Finish – Keeping up the Pace

Rosemary CarstensWhether your first book or your tenth, sometimes long-form projects can bog down. As a published author myself, I know the siren call of procrastination, the frustration of sitting in front of a screen with only a blinking cursor awaiting words jammed in the pipeline of your brain. It is not unusual for a manuscript to stutter to a stop in the middle and freeze. These are the times when a professional writing coach can encourage and inspire you with well-timed assignments, insights, and suggestions to keep you pedaling toward the finish line.


Book an introductory telephone consultation. The cost is $49 and includes:

  • A discussion about your project and what you’d like me to help you with to be sure I am the right coach for you, what added value I can bring to your process and subject matter.
  • A review and evaluation of your synopsis.
  • A copy of my article “Essential Book Proposal Components,” which can serve as a guide when you approach prospective agents and editors.
  • Setting a monthly budget and working schedule.

Once I receive your consultation payment, I will send you an email to confirm and to schedule our call. If you have questions, please use my contact form.


Peter Gorman - writing coach clientI am writing a book about my father’s years as a Royal Canadian Air Force pilot in World War II. I am trying to organize and draw upon thousands of letters, notes, and photographs. To begin with, Rosemary helped me set up a system for organizing everything. I then began sending her a chapter a week for review. The weekly goal keeps me focused and her insightful comments encourage me to dig deeper and make the emotional connections that make the story flow. I like to digress and she keeps me moving forward. I am over half way through my book now and I am thrilled!

—Peter Gorman, Sitka, Alaska