Website & Internet Evaluations

Improving Your Online Presence – Are You Super in Cyberspace?

Rosemary Carstens
Want to develop a website or improve the one you have? Every writer today needs a website that creates a compelling impression of their professional capabilities. Your website is the foundation stone of what is called in the industry your “platform.”

If you are a writer, a platform tells an agent or editor whether or not you have a significant following or are working to achieve it, whether you already have in place the means for spreading the word about your books. Why read further if your site does not feature good, clear writing, is difficult to navigate, outdated, or filled with typos or links that don’t work?

If you are an artist, your website tells potential collectors, galleries, and other publications who you are, your experience and background, and provides a showcase for your work.

Beyond having a dynamic website, are you active on social media? Do you blog or contribute to publications regularly? Where do you show up in Google rankings? Each of these elements enhance your online visibility and I can advise you about how to make them most effective in driving visitors to your website.

My website and Internet evaluation package costs $250. It includes:

  • Review of your website, checking for broken links, evaluating your content for effectiveness, and suggestions for improvement if needed.
  • Review of your social media profiles for effectiveness and suggestions for improvement if needed.
  • A copy of my article, “Becoming Super in Cyberspace.”
  • A copy of my article, “Boosting Your Online Presence.”
  • A follow-up phone call to answer any questions you have about the final report.

Once I receive your payment, I’ll email you for full information and to schedule your evaluation. If you have questions, please use my contact form.